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Facials designed for specific skin types or concerns.

These facials are tailored to meet the specific demands of your skin. From the Clarifying Acne Facial to the Soothing Facial and the Men’s Facial, experience personalized care that transforms and enhances your complexion. Each treatment is designed with your unique skin concerns in mind, ensuring a path to a healthier, more radiant look.

Men’s Facial

50 min $115

Using the power of peptides, stem cells and exfoliators, this treatment effectively addresses the skin care concerns of men. Invigorate the skin with an effective exfoliation, extractions, powerful anti-aging ingredients and a hydrating mask. This treatment will revitalize, refresh and improve the health and appearance of men’s skin.

Soothing Facial - Rosacea, Acne, Teen, Aging, Pregnancy

45 min $115

This relaxing facial will calm and soothe the skin while providing gentle exfoliation. This facial is packed with antioxidants, cooling agents and ingredients that will rejuvenate the skin and reduce the redness caused from rosacea, overexposure of the sun, or other irritations and sensitivities. An optional finish with ice globes will stimulate facial nerves and muscles to soothe their skin and leave them feeling revitalized.

C Peptide Facial

50 min $125

Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti-aging peptides, powerful antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. The powerful enzyme is going to infuse the skin with multiple forms of Vitamin C to brighten, tighten and exfoliate. The intelligent ingredients of the Firming Peptide paired with Vitamin A will stimulate new cell growth, repair and rejuvenate all skin types leaving a firm, luminous glow.

Clarifying Acne Facial - Acne, Teens, Pregnancy

55 min $115

Enjoy the stimulating effects of this corrective facial. This treatment is designed to effectively remove the keratin buildup on the skin to reduce bacteria and acne lesions. Finish with an anti-inflammatory Charcoal Milk Mask that draws impurities with kaolin, detoxifies the skin with a unique bamboo charcoal extract, and exfoliates the skin with a new PHA designed for inflamed skin, leaving the skin calm and clear.

Anti-Aging Facial

50 min $115

Enjoy a relaxing customized facial catering to your skin’s specific needs. An exfoliating antioxidant Enzyme mask will remove dull, lifeless keratinized skin, while a nourishing mask and serums will infuse the skin with hydration and anti-aging peptides and rejuvenating properties leaving the skin firming and more radiant.

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